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- hold - 1000 MEMBER GYM GIVEAWAY! - hold -

Post by SoulPride on Wed Jul 20, 2016 3:33 am

WOW!!! 1000 members! That's quite the number! Nice work everybody, we owe it to you all for making PBCL a great place to be!

As such, it's time for a little giveaway related to the gyms... For the first badge in your badge cases, you'll receive an event Pokemon of that gyms trainer card Pokemon! For gyms that have no event, one has been carefully chosen by the leader, and we know everyone will enjoy what they receive!

Simply reply to this forum with a picture of your badge case, and I will send you a message on Facebook regarding this, so you may receive your Event Pokemon for your first badge. Rivals may not rival you here, please do not worry.

Below is a list of what everyone has, good luck everyone, and happy badge collecting!

Fire - Entei
Psychic - Espeon
Poison -
Rock - Tyranitar
Dark - Sableye
Dragon - Garchomp
Steel - Aegislash
Grass - Venusaur
Water - Sharpedo
Bug - Heracross
Flying -
Electric - Pikachu
Fairy - Sylveon
Fighting - Scrafty
Ghost - Gengar
Ground -
Ice -
Normal -
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