Rival Rules

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Rival Rules

Post by SoulPride on Wed Jul 20, 2016 12:33 pm

The Rivals are meant to interfere with the League Challengers throughout their challenge! The following rules apply to the Rivals and Challengers!

-Standard league rules with the exception of bans are in play including the 3 clauses of sleep/species/evasion
-Rivals can stop chllengers prior to a official Gym/E4 match or anytime a challenger posts thier trainer case/card (outside of fun battles)
-When a Rival tags/blocks a Challenger prior to a Gym battle or Facing the Elite 4 the challenger MUST face the Rival prior to any other League battle
-Challenger has 2 days to battle the Rival, if not the Rival is able to take a badge from the challengers case

Challenger Rules:
-Must Battle the Rival with the team they are going to face the Gym Leader.
-If defeated the Challenger loses 1 badge chosen by the rival and is put on a 2 day wait before challenging that specific gym or the Elite 4 if challenged prior to facing them
-If the Challenger wins they can choose to receive the Rival trainer's unique badge or even make the Rival trainer lose a badge from their case!(chosen by challenger)

Rival Rules:
-Rivals aren't allowed to use legends period.
-Rivals aren't to pick on specific trainers but ALL league challengers.
-Rivals must be active with 1 interception a week. (unless there are no challengers/increase in challengers)
-If Rival is unresponsive for more than 24hrs from a interception the rival will receive a strike.(you only get 3 before you're out)
-Rivals are NOT allowed to wait around for a certain number of badges to intercept challengers.

In cases of a draw(both parties last pokemon being KOed) nothing happens and the challenger is free to move on! Good Luck to everyone!

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