General Rules for Challengers

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General Rules for Challengers

Post by SoulPride on Wed Jul 20, 2016 12:36 pm

The General Rules for Challenger are as follows:

** You can battle all GYM leaders randomly, so no order needed.

** You just need 8 badges for challenging the Elite 4.

** Each challenger must resgister with myself or another admin in order to obtain a Trainer Case.

** Each challenger must inform and admin (preferably myself) once they have obtained a badge so that it can be added to their Trainer Case.

** You will need to be able to publically display the contents of your Trainer Case at any point.

** No challenger may use legendary Pokémon. These include Pokémon such as Zapdos, Latias and Regice etc. (If you have any questions please message me.)

** Losing challengers have to wait 1 days(ex. lose saturday and can rechallenge monday) before rechallenging
the Gym or Elite Four (does not apply to challenging a different gym)

** Teams can be altered completely between Gyms but are Team Locked after one win against the Elite Four.

** Each challenger is restricted to using no more than 2 Pokémon with advantages or 2 Pokémon with resistances in your gym (ex. Two fairy types in the dragon gym or two steel types in the psychic gym) anyone who breaks this rule is automatically given a loss for the match. Pokémon with the ability "Protean" will count as a Pokémon with advantages if this one has a Super Effective move against the type of a gym you're facing.
-This rule includes immunities such as steel types in a poison gym, however the only exception is Normal types in a Ghost gym and vice versa where both parties are immune to each others STAB

** After collecting all EIGHT Badges, A challenger can fight a gym a second time before fighting the Elite Four. If the Gym Leader is defeated the challenger gains a "Sacred Ash" Item (Max 1) which can be used during the Elite Four Challenge which acts as a second chance if you fail the Elite Four once. For more information contact any admin.

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